Seniors FAQ

Winter Womens RNA Competition

Some important housekeeping information. These may seem insignificant but it is EXTREMELY important that you take note to avoid confusion as well as disappointing deductions of your well-deserved winning points!

1. Saturday Games - Court Address
Heffron Park, Fitzgerald Avenue, Maroubra (Note: this is NOT where we have training)

2. Wednesday Training - Court Address
Centennial Park Sports Centre (Moore Park), corner Anzac Parade and Lang Road (Note: this is not where we play Saturday games)

3. How to register and pay fees

Registration and payment for the 2018 season is done via the mynetball website - the link is mynetball

If you played with us last year or another association you'll have a login in for mynetball - your email address will be the login and use the forgotten password link to create a password. A link to update your password will be generated and will be valid for 2 hours.

If you have played for UNSW before and having difficulty, there maybe an issue with your inputted email or no email address registered - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

If you are completely new to Netball, use the create a login in link.

4. Grading

GRADING - February 14th 7-9pm, 17th 8.30-10.30, 21st 7-9pm @ UNSW fitness & aquatic centre.

For those that would like to come along to grading before registering and paying season fees you're most welcome.

Please bring $10 so you are a financial member of the club incase of injury.
All sessions will be at the UNSW fitness & aquatic centre.
February 14th 7-9pm (A/B 7-8, C/D 8-9pm)
February 17th 8.30-10.30 (A/B 8.30-9.30, C/D 9.30-10.30am)
February 21st 7-9pm (A/B 7-8, C/D 8-9pm)

So we can prepare - Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, playing positions, mobile number and which grade you'll be attending.
This is not trials, everyone will be allocated a team, this is ensure you're allocated the appropriate grade.

5. Nails & Jewellery
Absolutely NO jewellery is permitted at RNA. This means you must remove all piercings, they can NOT be taped. Also don’t forget to trim those nails before first round.

6. Scoring
The first team listed on the draw is responsible for picking up the scorecard from the control room. Each team member must write their FULL name as it appeared on your registrations forms, which your coaches have a copy of, and then sign next to it. Note that initials are not permitted, so for example M. Smith is NOT allowed, it must be Melissa Smith. In the first week a signature card is also distributed with the scorecards which you must also sign and each week your signature is checked off this card. Also, your scorer and umpire MUST sign the card at the end of the game. If you do not do any of these things properly, your team will lose 2 competition points (2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss). You don't want to be on zero or negative points after the first week!!

7. Timing
Most coaches would have talked to you already but please start warming up half an hour before your game. If the previous game is still in progress on your court, then go for a jog on the grass or a nearby free court and do your movement warm-up there. Then move to your game court for the rest of your warm-up, not forgetting to leave to leave enough time to bib up and fill in scorecard.

8. Umpires and Payment 
Umpires are listed below in the draw. You are required to pay your umpires $25 per game. Whether you want to put in a bit each week or take turns or have captain who collects $30-$35 from everyone and hands it to the umpires each week it does matter. A-grade teams are still required to pay, even though your umpires are allocated from RNA. A1 teams need to put $25 into a sealed envelope to be handed to the allocated umpires. If an umpire does not turn up they will not be permitted to play in their team's next game, regardless of how many their team has to take the court, so please let us know of any no shows.

9. In the Spirit of the Game
Please abide by our Code of Conduct (same as Netball Australia's). Rise above any pettiness from other teams or perceived issues with umpiring calls, and please do NOT get involved in anything, verbal or physical. We want to see good sportsmanship, hard netball and lots of players enjoying themselves.  If you have issues with umpiring or opponents it is important to discuss these with your coach or committee members off the court and we will resolve them appropriately.

10. End of Game
Make sure your scorer and umpire has signed the scorecard. Please shake hands with the opposition, thank your umpires and the winning team is responsible for taking it back to the control building. 

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