RNA Winter Womens


UNSW Netball participates in the Winter Womens competition within the Randwick Netball Association (RNA).  RNA is an affiliate of Netball NSW and run a graded, club competition at Heffron Park, Maroubra. 

Senior games are played Saturdays at 1:42pm and 3.00pm, alternating each week.

Registration and payment for the 2018 season will be done via the mynetball website which will be live 1st February.  This is the link https://netball.resultsvault.com/common/pages/reg/welcome.aspx?fl=1&type=1&id=36602&entityid=43440

We will be holding grading on the 14th (evening), 17th (morning) and 21st (evening) February - you're welcome to attend prior to registring and paying fees - please see our Facebook page/Events for more details https://www.facebook.com/unswnetball/.

If you played with us last year or another association you'll have a login in for Mynetball - your email address will be the login and use the forgotten password link to create a password.  A link to update your password will be generated and will be valid for 2 hours.

If you're having difficulty, there maybe an issue with your inputted email or no email address registered - please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

If you are completely new to Netball, use the create a login in link.

Additional instructions can be found here https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/netball-wp-assets/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2018/01/04112814/MyNetball-Participant-User-Manual-Version-2018.pdf


The competition is fully graded, across senior grades A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5.

UNSW Netball is a club registered with this competition and we enter teams across most divisions each year. 

Full uniform is required for this competition and clubs must supply their own scorers, umpires and coaches.

Training is held Wednesday evenings at MOORE PARK and we let YOU decide whether to join a team that will train for the season, or one that doesn't.

If you select yes to training, it is compulsory to attend training once per week with your team. So please choose this option after careful consideration, there is nothing more frustrating than someone who says they will commit and then doesn't.

If you can't or don't wish to make the weekly commitment to training then select no to training when you register and we will place you into a "non-training team". You are always welcome to come down for a run if find yourself at a loose end on a Wednesday evening but you need never come to training at all.

Our uniform is new for 2017 and includes a black and gold dress and black bike shorts, and white socks (no ankle socks permitted). Please contact the equipment officer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). Uniform is compulsory for this competition and heavily scrutinised by those who run the comp.

It is COMPULSORY for everyone to be graded if you wish this play in this comp. We do not paper grade any player. Returning players need not be graded but are more than welcome to come to grading anyway as it helps us make good comparisons with new players.

For new players, please note that grading is not "trials" as such. Everyone is placed in a team, but since we have around 10+ senior teams, we need to know which one is the most suitable.  In very rare cases, we may not field a team of a certain standard if we cannot field the correct numbers for that grade.

Umpiring & Coaching
Clubs must field their own umpires for each game (and coaches for teams who want to train), each team must provide an umpire for the season or share the load across the team so we have a pool of umpires who get rostered onto our club games. Teams in the opposing timeslot will umpire the other teams on the other timeslot. All our umpires are paid $25 per game they umpire, badged umpires may also be put forward to umpire the A grade games which are paid $30 per game.  Umpire payments are paid by the team captains who collect the money from the players. Coaches receive similar remuneration, paid at the end of the season.

We are always looking for more umpires, so please let your friends know if they may be interested - it's a great way to earn a little extra cash on the weekends! 

Club Membership (a yearly fee that helps cover club expenses) - depends on student status and varies between $45 and $75
Registration into the RNA competition - $155 (this is the fee that RNA charge us, no beefups)
Uniform - Dresses will be $70, (black bike shorts no longer than the dress).  Optional black fleece jacket $85.

Fundraising - we expect all players to fundraise each year. We offer MANY ways to do that, to make it easy and ensure no extra money comes out of your pocket.  


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