Uniforms for 2017

The second window to order new uniforms for 2017 is now open. This round closes 17th March, and is the last opportunity to order for the 2017 season, so be sure to get onto it soon! All orders will be sent to a central address and we will distribute to individuals, so please include your own name on orders.



Club hoodies are now also available for order. The jacket is made from a warm fleece material, with a full length zipper, fitted bottom for extra warmth, pockets, and embroidered logos. 


Uniform Fit Tips: 

  • Order the dress as women's cut, not children's cut. 
  • No need to order bibs. 
  • There is an option to order black shorts for under the dress, if you have appropriate short black shorts to wear under the dress that aren't longer than the dress, that is fine.
  • Guide to sizes - we found that the next size up from your normal dress size fitted better e.g:They will be delivered to one address and we'll give them out at the Round Robin &/or trainings before the start of the season. Please ensure you address it with YOUR OWN NAME so we know who to give them to.
    • if you'd normally be a small - the medium was a better fit
    • if you're normally a medium - the large was a better fit
    • if you're normally a large - the XL was a better fit



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