UNSW Netball respects your right to privacy and understands that as a visitor to you may prefer to control your own personal information and preferences. We may ask you to register or to provide personal information and preferences when you visit certain areas of, request information, or contact a member of the committee of UNSW Netball.

Any personal information you provide to UNSW Netball or its officials will be used for those purposes which the information was gathered for as stated and related purposes which can be reasonably expected.

Registration Information
All players and/or members of UNSW Netball are expected to complete a registration form. This form is used to gather information for the purpose of conducting netball. All players and members are subject to the conditions contained below and those of general information. As a registered player and/or member of UNSW Netball you agree to the following conditions as well as those contained under the sub heading General Information.

  • The information provided by you will be used by UNSW Netball to supply relevant competition organisers, governing bodies, insurers and other parties as required from time to time with the requisite information to allow players to participate in various netball competitions under the auspices of UNSW Netball Club.
  • The information provided by you will be collected, stored and maintained for the purpose of conducting UNSW Netball business, this includes, but is not limited to, accounting and financial information, membership and voting privileges.
  • The information provided by you will be supplied to UNSW Officials and Committee for the purpose of conducting UNSW Netball business.
  • This information may be supplied to UNSW coaches for the purposes of contact, training, development and coaching.
  • The transmission of regular UNSW Netball newsletters (The Whale Watch) via email and other material deemed to be relevant by the UNSW Netball Committee from time to time.
  • Your Name, Contact Phone and email may be supplied to Club members for the purpose of playing netball. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Organising Training
    • Organising Umpiring
    • Organising Function
    • Organising Special Events
    • Fundraising
    • Social Events
    • Fill in players

Special Conditions for Juniors
In the case of Juniors, the juniors name shall be given out with the email address and the phone number authorised by the parent or guardian.

From time to time your name may be recorded in minutes, award ceremonies, awards and various publications for the purpose of conducting UNSW Netball Business.

Information Received By Members and or players
From time to time you may receive information that is intended for the purpose of playing netball and conducting UNSW Netball Business. All players and or members must agree:

  • To only use the information supplied by UNSW Netball for its intended purpose.
  • Not to supply the information to a third party or other entity.

General Information
When you provide UNSW Netball with any personal information, such as your name (or alias), e-mail address, mailing address, or telephone number, UNSW Netball and or its officials, the club may use the provided information to alert you to relevant UNSW Netball information.

UNSW Netball does not offer, or allow the selling of, any user-provided information to third parties, unless you provide your consent to us. UNSW Netball may use your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing in relation to promotional activities where it is impracticable for us to obtain your prior consent. However, when UNSW Netball does this, we will provide an express option for you to decline receiving any further marketing communications, via an opt out mechanism.

UNSW Netball respects the rights users give us when opting to receive e-mail communications and enforces internal policies to preserve those rights. It is our objective to retain the long-term ability to continue to communicate with our users.

If you do not want UNSW Netball or UNSW Netball officials or representatives to contact you, you may "opt out" of this preference at any time, whether you're online or by contacting UNSW Netball directly.

If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can still visit the UNSW Netball website. However, you will be unable to:

  • be a player and or member of UNSW Netball
  • participate in any game, training session, umpiring or other activity under the banner of UNSW Netball
  • access certain areas of the website that may require personal identification.

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