UNSW Netball is a netball club located in Kingsford, which is in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. As our name suggests, we are affiliated with the University of New South Wales, although our club members include a rich mixture of players; some who have never attended UNSW nor any other university, some who are ex-students and of course, some who are current students.

UNSW Netball was founded in 1966 as the Women's Basketball Club (which the game was known as at that time), and changed it's name to the Netball Club in 1970. It was the first exclusively female club and has a long and very proud history. After something of a revival in the late nineties, the last two decades has seen the Club grow into a large, successful and inclusive group of people who feel part of something. This is strongly reflected by the fact that in 2005, for the first time in the Club's history, we were proud to say we had members who had been with us for at least 10 years. 

Our Club's committee has a mix of long standing members and new members who are passionate about our Club and its traditions. We play graded netball, social netball, mixed netball, men's netball, representative netball, we have coaches and umpires appropriate to all standards of the game and we have competed at every University Games tournament since inception.

We look forward to welcoming all new and returning members every year.

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